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Grilling Wood are British specialist producers of quality wood products for smoking and cooking with. With decades of experience of working in the forestry sector, we are able to personally select our wood from well-managed, sustainable woodlands around the UK and process it in our wood yard. So from forest to fork, you can rest assured that you are using the best.

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We work closely with the many restaurants, street food venues and food events that we supply with our cooking and smoking woods. Since we source and process our own woods, we are able to produce a bespoke product to meet your exact needs. For trade enquiries please email here

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Smoking wood chip

  • Available in: Oak, Apple, Cheery, Hazel, Beech, Alder, Sweet Chestnut, Hickory, Maple and Mesquite
  • Natural, untreated – 100% virgin wood, nothing added
  • Large 3 litre resealable tub – Great value for money
  • Great for use on the grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • Post coded British wood – know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from
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Speciality smoking chunks

  • Available in: Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, and Whiskey Barrel
  • Natural, untreated – 100% virgin wood chunks, nothing added
  • Large 5 kg box – value for money
  • Great for use on the grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • A specialty wood for more experienced users
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Smoking chunks

  • Available in: Oak, Apple, Cheery, Beech, Alder, Sweet Chestnut and Silver Birch
  • Natural, untreated – 100% British Wood, nothing added
  • Large 25 litre box of Wood Chunks / 7 – 9kg (depending on species)
  • Great for use on the grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • Post coded wood – know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from
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Our Customers have to say

I rarely leave feedback, but I thought my smoking brethren deserved to know that I highly recommend this product. I live on a small Island so have to order pretty much everything I need for grilling / smoking. I ordered a box of cherry and the wood itself looked to be of a very high quality. Tried them out smoking 4 chickens for a gathering at a friends and not only did I love the flavour, but so did the other 15 people there. I’ll definitely be ordering this product and the others from these guys in the future.

Amazon Customer

Brilliant wood smoking chunks. There are plenty different sized chunks in the box which makes it easier to arrange them to get more or less smoking through the cook. 
I have used them on my weber kettle bbq to low n slow smoke a 6lb pork loin which turned out to be amazing as did the 12lb brisket and the two chickens that I have smoked.

Definitely worth the money and I will be trying some other wood chunks from this supplier.

David B

Fantastic quality chunks that burn well and produce a fantastic smoke. Have used these to smoke both pork and beef with great effect.

I thought the price was a little high when I first ordered but to be fair, the box seems to just keep going after several all day smokes…. and I use a LOT of wood when I bbq.

Would buy again.


My main impression with this deal was the quantity of wood for the price. 5kg for £20 is pretty good compared with most of the items on offer that I have seen.

Used one chunk, not soaked, straight on the charcoal in my water smoker and stuck a medium chicken in the top section. The chunk eventually flamed but produced a fair amount of smoke and the chicken was a pleasant light golden colour with a not-overpowering smoke aroma. For a longer smoke I will soak these, but all in all a nice flavour of smoke and a good quantity of wood for the price. Recommended.

Paul R

I bbq regularly and finding affordable wood chunks is brilliant. This offered excellent value compared to other options online – and I’ve looked far and wide!

I ordered the hickory chunks for my Weber kettle. The chunks are good quality and it’s clear that they’ve been stored well. Some hickory chunks are hefty, which will lend itself well to long low and slow smokes using the minion method.

Bbqing in the UK can be challenging, as the products are often US based and prices and availability can be a nightmare. ‘Grilling Wood’ is a small British company and it’s great to support that in the world of bbq. Also, when I’ve contacted them with a query the customer service has been top class and they went above and beyond.

I’ve ordered olive, oak and orange from them. The quality across these different species has been high and the company will be my ‘go to’ for a product that I go through a lot of.

Kindle Customer

Very good value. So far I’ve used them on a 10 hour smoke and I was very happy with the results. You don’t need to use too many pieces and they give a long slow burn.