Beech Briquettes


  • Designed for use in a Pizza oven. Each box contains 6 x 25cm 100% Beech briquettes that have been extruded from sustainably sourced Beech hardwood.
  • Great value alternative to using regular hardwood logs. Each Briquette can give out the heat equivalent of 3 Kiln Dried Logs.
  • Ultra-low moisture content – only 8% so each briquette burns hot and long with a consistent ember that helps take the variables out of cooking.
  • Ideal for use in commercial kitchens, pizza trucks, or a home garden pizza oven. Each compact box takes up little room, so easy to store.
  • Perfect size box to easily cook over a dozen pizzas in a single cooking session. Simply break a single briquette into two pieces and place on top of kindling to ignite. Feed more briquettes as required to the fire until desired temperature is achieved with a good ember bed.

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Normandy Beech Briquettes – Each box contains 6 heat logs weighing 12kgs Per Box

These Normandy Briquettes are extruded under extreme pressure from Beech sawdust with no additives to form a consistent and high quality briquette. They burn very long lasting and have a high calorific content generating a good, steady heat. The briquettes burn down to long lasting ember.

Our Beech briquettes are a great value alternative to our grilling wood logs. Perfect for using in restaurant kitchens, mobile pizza trucks and home garden pizza ovens.

Please note – all extruded briquettes expand when burning.


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