Lumpwood Charcoal


  • Highly carbonised hardwood lumpwood charcoal – Our Grillove charcoal is made in a modern production facility that ensures only charcoal is in the bag, no wood or other contaminates.
  • Quick to light and virtually no smoke – Due to the high quality of our charcoal you can be cooking within 20 mins of lighting.
  • Approved for use in Smoke control area – After extensive testing that is required by DEFRA, our charcoal is now approved for use in smoke control areas.
  • Sustainably produced from local woodlands – All the hardwoods are FSC certified and are supplied from woodlands within 100km of the facility.
  • Environmentally friendly – Due to the modern production methods used in making our charcoal, green energy is produced from the heat generated during the carbonising process. some of this green electric is used by the production facility with the rest going back into the national grid.

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High quality lumpwood BBQ restaurant grade charcoal. Grillove charcoal is approved for use in smoke control areas after passing the extensive testing that is required by DEFRA. It produces virtually no smoke when igniting and burns with no odour which makes it the ideal fuel to use in a Kamado style or kettle BBQ. The charcoal is produced in a modern facility that sustainably sources their hardwoods from withing 100km of the facility.


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